The Anthem Financial Club

The Anthem Financial Club provides timely and educational financial information in a casual, yet professional, format. Topics regularly covered include managing investments, trading strategies, taxes, Medicare, estate planning, IRAs, casino management, local government, utilities and more. 

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Anthem Financial Club Meetings


August - No Meeting

September 1 - Water Supply Outlook in Southern Nevada presented by Bronson L. Mack, Public Outreach Manager, SNWA.  Bronson is responsible for overseeing the organization’s communications and public outreach initiatives related to water resources, conservation, utility operations and the Springs Preserve.  Mr. Mack will be speaking on the economics of water, related to water resources, conservation, utility operations and the Springs Preserve.

October 6 - NEW MEETING - "Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies" will be presented by Fidelity.  More details of their presentation to follow.  This is our regular meeting night which will be held in the Bristol-Concord Rooms at Anthem Center.

October 10 (Monday) - FINRA - and there will be a FREE breakfast. Doors open at 8:15AM for breakfast. The presentations will start at 9AM. Pre-Registration is required. There are three ways to register: (1) sign up at the September or October meeting. (2) send an e-mail to  with the name and SCA membership number of each attendee. (3) come to the table that will be set up at Anthem Center near the Activities Office from 8AM-11AM on September 22nd and from 9AM - 12PM on September 27th and 28th.

The presenters will be: 

  • Gerri Walsh – SVP, FINRA Office of Investor Education and President, FINRA Investor Education Foundation
  • Christine Kieffer – Senior Director, FINRA Investor Education Foundation
  • Owen Donley - Chief Counsel, Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Erin Houston - Deputy Secretary of State for Securities, Securities Administrator, Nevada Office of the Secretary of State

October 17 (Monday) - Annual Party (A Stock Hop) in Morris-Nelson-Penn rooms starting at 5:30. Get your tickets at the September 1st members meeting. Music will be provided by Lipstick & Stashe.  Dinner will be catered by Superior Events Catering.  See you there!

November 3 - Joyce Barr, Sun City Healthcare, will speak on "Medicare update for 2023" and discuss changes to Medicare at the Federal level, as well as changes to providers in Clark county. She always has great guidance for us to apply during the open enrollment period.

December 1Brian Erikson, the Corporate VP of Fixed Income Research and Strategy from Ameriprise Financial will speak via video conference from Chicago.

For any recommendation for a speaker, contact Art Schuetz at 

Additional information on future AFC meetings will be publicized here on the AFC website.


July 7 - Bob Miller provided information on reverse mortgages covering eligibility, tax implications, costs, and fees along with other related information, and what it can mean to homeowners.

June 2 - Alan Feldman, spoke on how Las Vegas became what it is today (with financial charts showing how revenue has increased over the past 20 years).  He spoke on the future of Las Vegas, and the evolution of e-gambling (sports betting across the country). He also spoke on the increasing number of gamer events that are happening here. He also talked about "responsible gaming" programs by the casinos. The concept is simply that persons with an addiction to excessive gambling are a danger to everyone. Working to assure that customers keep their gambling within their means is both "the right thing to do" and good business for the casinos.

May 11 - Keith Fitz-Gerald:  Keith Fitz-Gerald presented his view that the cup is always half full.  His lively talk covered the issues at hand and what he saw as possible outcomes. He said "protect whatcha got" and look to the long term.

April 7 - Prevent Senior Fraud: Joel Moskowitz, Retired Federal Agent. He discussed what fraud to look out for.

March 3 - West Henderson Development: City of Henderson.  Planning Department maps of the development that is happening in West Henderson.

February 3 - Tax Law Changes in 2022 and Beyond:  Scott W. Taylor, CPA 

January 6, 2022 - Update on the US Economic Outlook: Rayna Penelova, Senior Financial Analyst; Adam Thurgood, CFA, CFP from Hightoweradvisors, Las Vegas.  Both Ms. Penelova and Mr. Thurgood presented their forecast and reasons for their view on the economy.

Financial Club Interest Group Meetings

Breakfast meeting

The Groups will be dark in August.  See you in September.

Financial Club Breakfast Meetings (Second Wednesday of each month) Next meeting will be on September 7, 2022 at 9 a.m. in Liberty Room at the Liberty Center.  The topic will be a discussion of "Stocks with consistently improving dividends".  Prior meetings covered The Health of the Economy, Fixed Income, Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Wills & Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Travel Tips, Cable/Direct/Sling TV, Cyber Security, Credit Cards, Life After Anthem, Travel Insurance, and Pre-Paid Funerals.  For more information, contact John Michel at 

Stocks Review Group (Third Thursday of each month)  Next meeting will be on on September 15, 2022 at 9 a.m. at the Liberty Center.  The Topic will be "The Best of the Breed - Stocks". For more information, contact Scott Citron at  Come join our active discussions and a lively exchange of ideas!

ETF/Mutual Fund Group (last Friday of each month, Liberty Center, 2 p.m.) The next meeting will be September 30, 2022.  The topic will be "The Best of the Breed - Sectors and Areas".  Prior meetings covered one way to identify mutual funds and EFT's to invest in, the use of tools available through American Association of Independent Investors (AAII) and other tool selection processes with recommendations. For more information, contact Scott Citron, and John Michel,  Come and share if any of these are your favorite investments.