Anthem Financial Club to have a Zoom meeting at 7:00pm on October 1


We will be having a “Zoom” meeting on October 1st (7 p.m.). Joyce Barr will speak about the changes planned to Medicare for 2021. Joyce is an SCA resident who has spoken to our Club before.  She is very knowledgeable about Medicare, Medicare Advantage and health plans in general.  The instructions and link are shown below for use by both Club members and non-members who may want to register for the Zoom meeting.  Detailed instruction about how to access the webinar will also be emailed to Financial Club members. 

You must register in order to attend the webinar featuring Joyce Barr.  Click on the link below and enter your e-mail address.  You will receive an e-mail from Zoom, with a link that you can use to log into the webinar at 7PM on October 1st.  Should you have any questions for Joyce prior to the webinar, please send them to  During the webinar you will have the opportunity to ask even more questions. The Financial Club is looking forward to hearing from Joyce on this very important topic. 

 Webinar ID: 862 5906 5005

 Webinar Passcode: 464784

There are currently no AFC meetings planned for November 5 and December 3.  Information on future AFC meetings will be publicized here on the AFC website.

On August 26 FINRA sponsored a web-based Investor Forum: Protecting Your Finances in the Age of COVID-19.

Much of the discussion centered on the basic information that investors need to consider with the scams that appear during this time.  A recording of this presentation may be available at a later date.  An important resource was mentioned - the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office to help investors if they believe a scam is happening.  Here is their information:


click on the button at the top of the web page: “Investor information”.  There are many other links in a drop-down menu to assist the investor. To file a complaint, download the form that is linked to the page.  OR call their office at 702-486-2440

John Michel will be Club President for rest of 2020

John Michel will be Club President for rest of 2020.  Following the retirement of Lennette Horton as AFC President, the AFC Board of Directors has elected John Michel to serve as President for the remainder of 2020.  John has been very active in the club for many years, serving as VP, Treasurer and Secretary for various years since 2013.  He is also the leader of the very successful Financial Club Breakfast Meetings.   We all thank John for stepping up.

AFC Officers for the rest of 2020: 

President                     John Michel

Vice President             Ira Adler

Treasurer                     Ken Adrian

Secretary                     Larry Jensen

Welcome to new AFC board members Robb Charles and Jane Arnold, who joined the Board at our July 2 meeting. Other AFC board members include Harold Kaufman, Don Manning, Jerry Saepoff; Bill Van Ooyen; Bill Starr; Mike Tiernan; Art Schuetz and David Weil.

Financial Club Breakfast Meetings discontinued until more normal times return

Breakfast meeting

Financial Club breakfast meetings have been held on the third Monday of each month at 9:00am in the Arlington Room at Anthem Center. The most recent breakfast meeting was held on September 21.  The topic was: The Secure Act of December 2019: “How will it affect our IRAs and our beneficiaries when they inherit our IRAs? What are the rules for inherited Roth IRAs?”  Also covered were Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and how to calculate them. Prior meetings covered Cyber Security, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Wills & Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Travel Tips, Cable/Direct/Sling TV, Credit Cards, Life After Anthem, Travel Insurance, and Pre-Paid Funerals. 

The current COVID-19 restrictions and concerns make it necessary to discontinue these meetings until more normal times return.  Stay tuned.  For more information, contact John Michel at