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SCA Financial Stock discussion group Friday July 19th

I hope to see you all at the next Stock Discussion group meeting, this Friday July 19th @ 2:00 pm, at Liberty Center..

I do not have a decent title line for the discussion topic. But I know that we all read articles about some stock we should purchase, and we like what we read, so then what do we do? 

I read a real article ("Seven best stocks for the next 30 days" Zacks 07/11). I will show how I looked at those 7 stocks, fundamentally, technically, options, other, and decided which to buy and which didn't interest me. Hopefully this analysis will help you all to make determinations when you read similar articles.   

and if any of you read the article before the meeting please bring your analysis and opinions  (hopefully the link works)

I hope to see many of you on Friday afternoon. 



SCA Financial club NO General meeting in July or August

Happy July everyone, I hope the 1st half of you year was great and your 2nd half will be even better...

HAPPY 4TH of JULY.. we have NO  general meeting this Thursday.. please be safe and enjoy the fireworks

We DO have our 3 break out meetings this month

Wednesday the 10th @ 9:00 am at Liberty Center the breakfast group will discuss investing in food stocks 

Friday the 19th and Friday the 26th the stock group and ETF/Mutual fund groups will meet at 2:00 at Liberty Center, topics as yet to be determined  

June SCA Financial Club General meeting - September 5.

A reminder that the next general meeting will be Thursday September 5, is in the Delaware room.  The club will not have General Meetings in July or August. 

The three education meetings at Liberty Center will continue thru June and July.   

Please feel free to bring other residents of Sun City as a guest to ur General Meeetings. 

Our September speaker will be announce in the Spirit Magazine, on this website and by email to all of our members. 

Financial Club education meetings reminder

 2024 Meetings

The next Breakfast Meeting will be held Sept 11, at 9 am. The subject will be Investing in Auto Manufacturers and Dealers. This is held in the Liberty Center.  

Stock Meeting will be July 19, 2 pm at Liberty Center. The topic for this meeting will be selected by Scott.  For more information contact Scott at 

MF/ETF Meeting will be July 26, 2 pm at Liberty Center. The subject will be selected  by Scott.  When you have an ETF subject you would like to explore send your suggestion to 

Anthem Financial Club Monthly Meetings


The Financial Club has monthly meetings at Anthem Center in the Delaware Room.  Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month. The times will be either 3 pm or 7 pm depending on the speaker we have that month.  Not all speakers are available in the evening.  The time of each month's meeting will be announced by email and in the Spirit Magazine and on the Financial Club website. 


September 5, 7 pm - Rob Lauer – CEO, Las Vegas Space Port – Rob Lauer – CEO, Las Vegas Space Port – Rob Lauer is an entrepreneur, pilot, and former U.S. Army Military Police Officer. This is the company that plans to build a SpacePort in the desert.  The LV SpacePort has been featured on the local news channels and the Review Journal. He leads a team of astronauts, engineers, pilots, and retired senior military personnel. The SpacePort will provide Space Pilot certification training, zero gravity training, virtual reality space training, flights to the edge of space, and a post high school STEM Academy.


June 6, 3 pm - Jay Hatfield portfolio manager for Income Securities - His subject is Fixed-Income Investing for Investors. He has almost three decades of experience in the securities and investment industries.  

May 2 - Brian Adams and Jerad Tasco, Principal Planners, City of Henderson, Community Development and Services. They told us about the planned land use and approved developments for the City of Henderson. Their staff performs analysis of future projects and negotiates with developers to ensure the highest quality of development for the City.

April 4 - Andrew Muha retired from the Internal Revenue Service. He told us about his IRS experience auditing publicly traded companies, types of IRS enforcement, and the importance of privacy of information. 

March 7 - Holly Sweetin, BSN, RN, CCRN - Interim Chief Nursing Officer, – She explained the major advantages of having a patient advocate and explained our rights as a patient.  If you are hospitalized and unable to manage your financial assets for a period of time, it is important to have the best advocacy and know your rights to help expedite the management of your recovery. 

February 1 - Theresa Le - Senior Trust Manager - She explained the major advantages of having a Trust and the roles of the parties to the Trust.  If you have a Trust, it is a good time to learn the advantages of using a Bank or Trust Company as your successor-trustee to manage and administer the assets in your Trust when the need arises.  

January 11 - Commissioner Michael Naft - he spoke on the big project Las Vegas is involved in and how they affect the financial health of the city and county. He spoke about F1 and lessons learned.  He spoke on the upcoming high-speed rail planned to run between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

December 7 – Chris Sotirov – Healthcare in Retirement - Chris will be discussing an important topic for us all, the cost of health care and long term care and how those can affect a comfortable retirement. He will also discuss what Medicare pays for and what it does not pay for.  Be sure to attend this meeting. 

November 2 -Howard Stutz -  Award winning journalist of the Nevada Independent  Howard writes about the casino gaming industry and tourism. He always has great insights into local events. He gave a very interesting talk about the major events that will be taking place in Las Vegas.

October 5 - Nevada Lt. Governor Stavros Anthony - As  Nevada's 37th Lieutenant Governor, Stavros Anthony spoke about Nevada tourism, education, business and economic development initiatives, and a general overview of current government issues in Nevada. 

September 7 - Dr. Pamela Donnelly - a college admissions specialist for over 20 year.  She told us about the avenues of payment for higher education. If you missed the presentation, How to Fund a College Education, her slides are included in the Document list on the right side of the web page.

July 6 -Ira Adler - The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy His talk will focuses on the structure and mission of the Federal Reserve and explain the current environment of high interest rates to fight inflation.

 June 1 - Andrew Segal - Insurance Specialist with an emphasis on education. 

April 26  - Keith Fitz-Gerald - founding Partner of Keith Fitz-Gerald Research and founder of One Bar Ahead. 

April 6 - Chris and Di Wolfgram - Windemere Real Estate They previewed the 2023 real estate market forecast for Henderson.

March 2 - Jimmy Lee - Wealth Management - He appears regularly on CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, and TD Ameritrade.  He has been profiled and quoted in the Wall St. Journal, Marketwatch, and Bloomberg, Financial. 

February 2 - Michelle Romero - Mayor of Henderson - She presented the current city status and her priorities for managing the city we live in.  

January 5 -  John Michel and Scott Citron - How to get the most out of the Financial Club 

Anthem Financial Club

 The Anthem Financial Club provides timely and educational financial information in a casual, yet professional, format. Topics regularly covered include managing investments, trading strategies, taxes, Medicare, estate planning, IRAs, casino management, local government, utilities and more. 

This website will list the speaker schedule for the remainder of the year as well as the agenda for the Special Interest Educatom Groups.

The boxes on the right are links and documents for several financial resources and topics of interest.

The tabs above provide links to information about the Financial Club including historical information.