Information for Potential Presenters

Sun City Anthem Financial Club



The Board of Directors of the Sun City Anthem Financial Club thanks you for your interest in presenting a program for our membership.  The following information is provided to assist in your understanding of the Sun City Anthem community, the Sun City Anthem Financial Club, and its members.  Presentations are usually scheduled several months in advance.

·         Sun City Anthem is an upscale, age-qualified community in Henderson NV, consisting of 7,100 homes constructed between 1998 and 2009.  There are about 12,500 residents in this beautiful retirement community, located in southeastern Las Vegas Valley.  The average age of the residents is approximately 62 years old.  At the last survey, over half of the residents were retired. The remainder are working either full or part-time. Additional demographics can be obtained by looking up ZIP code 89052.

·         The Sun City Anthem Financial Club has about 300 members.  It is a “For Information” club that provides its member with information useful for management of their financial affairs.  It is not an investment club that collects funds, nor does it purchase investments.  The Club emphasizes to its members that “your investment decisions are your own”.

·         Our members’ investment knowledge ranges from “needs help” to “very sophisticated”. Most of our monthly meeting attendees have some investment knowledge so that presenters do not have to reiterate the most basic investing concepts, such as “asset allocation” for example. Many members continue to self-manage their investment portfolios, while others have engaged professionals to assist them.

·         The purpose of the monthly presentations is to provide unbiased financial or investment information to our membership.  We have learned over the years that the best way for speakers to benefit from their presentations is to provide valuable information in a professional manner. Our members then feel that “these people are really qualified and knowledgeable, and perhaps I should talk with them about what services they may be able to provide me.”  Marketing of company-specific products or services during the presentation is neither required nor desired.  We have learned that a low-key approach works the best.

·         We have also found that one of the keys of a good presentation is a “take away” that the members would typically respond with, “I didn’t know that.”

·         Our presentations are usually scheduled for about 45 minutes followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.  Members who are interested frequently engage presenters after the meetings to discuss key points of the presentation and delve further into the topic.

·         As speakers develop their presentations, the Vice President for Programs along with a couple of members of the club’s Board of Directors meets with each speaker about one month prior to the meeting. For non-local speakers, a conference call is a good substitute. At that time Board Members would review your proposed topics or a preliminary outline.  These meetings or conference calls are kept very informal and are designed to help provide the speaker with valuable input.  In addition, the Club requests an electronic copy of the presenter’s bio with a picture so that we can post it for promotional use on our web site and as in an e-mail meeting reminder to our members.

·         Programs are usually scheduled on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning at 7:00 PM.  Speakers are requested to arrive no later than 6:30 PM to allow time to meet Club officers, discuss their program, set up AV equipment, and have photographs taken.

·         Attendance at the monthly programs is averages about 130 members and guests, although we have had up to 300 in attendance.

·         Handouts are encouraged. They can either be placed on chairs before the meeting begins, or can be available on a table for attendees to pick up as they depart. In addition, the AFC would like to post the presentation whenever possible to the AFC’s web site, along with links to the presenter’s web site.

·         Monthly meetings are usually held in the Delaware Room at Anthem Center, located at 2450 Hampton Road, Henderson, NV.  The phone number for the Anthem Center is 702-614-5800.

·         Audio / Visual equipment is available that can utilize CD’s, DVD’s or flash drives.  A laptop computer loaded with the presentation can also be connected to the AV system.  PowerPoint is the most common presentation software used.

·         Although not required, speakers have provided raffle prizes as part of their program.  Raffle prizes in the past have included copies of relevant books or DVD’s, newsletter subscriptions, coupons for local restaurants, or other prizes of nominal value.

·         Primary contacts for the Anthem Financial Club are:

o   President: Joy Rose (702) 269-0042  or

o   Vice President/Programs: Kevin Dauphinee (702) 526-9730 or

·         More information about our Club, such as upcoming speakers and past programs, can be found on our website at