Board Members Code of Conduct

This Board Member Conduct document was created to summarize the expectations of Anthem Financial Club Board members. New Board members or persons wanting to be Board members should review this document.

The Anthem Financial Club is a 'For Information Only Club'.  That is, the Board or Club Members in their functions or duties for the Club do not collect funds to make investments, recommend investments of any kind, or recommend investment advisors to either Club members or non-members.

On the Club's web site ( is a document published by the Certified Board of Financial Planners that describes the methodology to identify a financial planner, questions to ask potential planners, and includes a link to their web site where information on finding a financial planner is available. In addition, they identify resources that are available to verify the certification or discipline for a specific financial planner.

The Club's Membership List, which contains the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the members, is Confidential and to be used exclusively by the Club. This List is used to send meeting notices by e-mail or to notify members of meetings by telephone. No personal or other use of the List is authorized. In addition, the Club may have access to the Sun City Anthem Community Association Membership Number of specific members. The Membership Number is to be kept confidential.

It is expected that Board members shall conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards.

Board members may not use their position on the Board to openly solicit personal business from club members.

Board members are expected to regularly attend the monthly member meetings and assist in the set up and running of the meeting as appropriate.

Board members are expected to regularly attend the monthly Board meetings. If it is foreseen that a member will not be able to attend the meeting, he/she should notify the President. Board members, whose attendance at Board meetings is judged to be unacceptable by the President, with concurrence by the Club Officers, may be asked to resign from the Board.

Up to two Board Members may be invited to attend meals or other meetings with the VP of Programs for the purpose of meeting and assisting in evaluating the capability and personality of the potential speakers. It is important to give the best and most positive professional appearance possible.Meals will be paid for with Club funds, but in no case should the potential speaker pay for the Board Member's meals.

The Board has agreed that Board members may not participate in the raffle that is conducted as part of any regular meeting. Spouses of Board Members may participate.

Board members are expected to make telephone calls to remind members of the monthly meeting, based on the assignments distributed by the club Vice President. If it is foreseen that a member will be unable to make telephone calls, he/she should notify the Vice President or President of that fact, so that the assigned numbers can be redistributed among the remaining Board members.

Approved by the Anthem Financial Club Board of Directors on June 24, 2009.

By: (signed)
Dave Weil, President
Anthem Financial Club